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FVFullervision.net is a Web site based in Little Valley, New York. Fullervision Enterprises was founded August 7, 2003 as a way for me to post informative and sometimes entertaining content to the public. It is operated by J. Myrle Fuller, announcer and national anthem singer at Little Valley Speedway, freelance reporter and meteorologist (B.S. in meteorology, SUNY Oswego).

E-mail me: j.myrle[@]fullervision.net

Current projects

On most Saturday mornings, I  produce a weekly 10-to-14 day weather forecast and discussion for Little Valley, NY and Cattaraugus County. My work has been featured in the (now-defunct) Ellicottville Mountain & Valley News.

The Fullervision Newslog has been on hiatus since October 19, 2011. For further news updates, please see the Facebook page for Little Valley, which I co-edit.

Most of the other features of the site have, quite frankly, been left abandoned mainly because of a lack of interest on my part. The Free NFL Radio page has been revamped to link to video feeds.

Check out the site’s holiday specials during the appropriate time frames.

Internet Radio Services

The Internet radio pages debuted in 2005 and have been a relatively consistent draw. The most popular page is the free NFL radio page, which provides audio feeds of NFL games as provided by the radio stations that broadcast them. I also get a lot of queries for the free NASCAR radio page. Admittedly, because the amount of time and energy needed to maintain these pages (especially with the NFL and NASCAR cracking down at every turn and streaming providers changing even more frequently than they used to) is quite exhausting, I've scaled back these pages to reduce my need to update them as often. Also fairly popular are the talk radio and music radio directories.

Other stuff

This is, after all, a personal site, and I've been known to post other random stuff. From our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year guides to other things that cross my mind, you never know what kind of articles I'll post here.

Check out WFV Internet Radio. (OK, that's out of order right now.)
This page is dedicated to the memories of Andrea C. Morton (1988-2009) and Eric R. Peters (1990-2010).
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