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After eight years, I've decided to pull the plug on the Fullervision Newslog.

Words of Note from the Desk of J. Myrle Fuller
October 19, 2011

Dear readers,

For the past eight years I have operated and maintained a newslog on this Web site, dating back to my days in high school. The time has come for this to end. Effective immediately, the Fullervision Newslog will no longer be regularly updated in its current form.

Unlike most instances like this, the issue is not money, at least directly. I have never made a dime off this site and pay only a nominal cost to keep it up and running. I don't believe an enterprise like this is profitable, and the amount of money required to support this as a professional venture is far beyond the community's ability to pay. This has been a public service.

The first issue at hand is time, or simply, lack thereof. The big day around here for most activities is Saturday afternoon and evening, and alas, my current work schedule (much to my chagrin, by the way, but I seem to be the only one able to do it) prevents me from being active in the things that go on in this community. The work schedule also prevents me from attending many of the local governments' board meetings as I have in the past. When I started this site, I had Saturdays and most nights off; while the latter is still true, the former is not. The second is that with social networking, I have found more effective ways of disseminating local information and news to what I believe is a broader audience than the one that came to this site. More on this later.

The third reason why I'm discontinuing the newslog is a lack of focus. It has been a struggle for me to keep this site updated with any level of consistency with stories that I find interesting. Whenever there's a topic du jour that seems to blanket the local media but doesn't have much pertinence to people around here, that gets drowned out. Then there's the times of slow news (which happen a lot around here) when there's nothing to report for days and sometimes weeks on end. I've also tried at various times to incorporate various stories of national and more regional scope into the newslog, but most of the time I haven't had much satisfaction in the results.

Keep in mind, please, that this decision does not affect the other parts of this site. I will continue to update my weekly weather forecasts every Saturday morning; the weather forecasts are not part of the shutdown and, for most purposes, I imagine will become the new focal point of the site. The archives of the newslog will stay up on the Web site as well; I will also continue to issue the annual holiday guides and other miscellanea I've built over the years. Fullervision.net as a Web site will remain up and fully operational for the foreseeable future. There will also be times, I am sure, when I reactivate the newslog in a sense for major news events that the social media platforms are not a good fit for covering. This will be in a format somewhat reminiscent of the "special reports" I issued back in the early days of the site.

I will continue to aggregate and follow stories that I find interesting, reporting on them as I feel led. For stories pertaining to the town and village of Little Valley, I am a co-editor of the Facebook Little Valley page (http://www.facebook.com/littlevalleyny), which is updated regularly. For other miscellaneous stories, I have recently increased my output on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/fullerwx). Fullervision.net has an official Facebook page of its own (http://www.facebook.com/fullervision) that you can like as well. I'm currently pondering ideas and ways to archive the content I put on the social platforms for posterity and easier navigation.

Just to clarify something: Fullervision is not dead. I'm just moving it in a new direction. I thank all of you for your support and ask for it in the months and years to come.

J. Myrle Fuller
Editor, publisher, owner and founder


News stories from August 1 to September 30 have been moved to the archive.
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