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Fullervision.net and Fullervision Enterprises, Unltd. are the product of J. Myrle Fuller, an entertainer, meteorology graduate and Web design enthusiast from Little Valley, NY. It has been operating in some form since August 7, 2003โ€”the day I began sitting atop my bedroom roof and using a toy walkie-talkie to broadcast a ten-minute morning radio show across my hometown (a podcast before podcasting was a thing!). Since then, the radio show has long been discontinued, but I've done a lot of singing (as a regular at the famous Allegany State Park Hootenanny since 2021, a national anthem singer at various events in southwestern New York including the 2021 Babe Ruth World Series in Jamestown, and revues hosted by the Bradford Little Theatre and Ray Evans Seneca Theater); some acting, including roles in the Ray Evans Seneca Theater productions of Grease  (Roger "Rump" Smerczak) in 2017 and Chicago  (Amos Hart) in 2019, Bradford Little Theatre's production of Drinking Habits (Paul Billings) in 2022 and Tony'n'Tina's Wedding (Michael Just) in 2023, and Lucille Ball Little Theatre of Jamestown's production of Jersey Boys  (Nick Massi), also in 2023; and emceeing, including the 2018 Town of Little Valley, NY Bicentennial Parade and the 2019 and 2023 Silver Bells Variety Specials at the Ray Evans Seneca Theater.

While I have personal social media accounts, I do not, other than a little-used Fullervision Facebook page and a Fullervision Youtube account that I have not uploaded anything to in several years, have much in terms of social media for Fullervision.net proper.

The pre-2017 homepage of Fullervision Enterprises is still online containing links to most of the content still on this site that I haven't cleaned already. A list of links of interest, mostly of local news and stats, also remains available for now.

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I make no claim to ownership of material linked from this site. Wherever necessary, fair use is claimed. This site uses the Vegur typeface, which its author Sora Sagano has released into the public domain.